Introducing GFrevenge!

If you've ever had your heart broken by an exgirlfriend and thought of ways you could get revenge then you are going to love GFRevenge - where boyfriends get even with their stuck-up exgirlfriends. GFrevenge is a website intended for adults only.

GF Revenge launches to rave reviews!

So you wanna see what happens when stuck-up girlfriends break their boyfriends’ hearts? Whether she cheated on him, decided she “needs some space” or broke off an engagement at the last minute, these guys wanna get revenge on their exgirlfriends! is a site where bitter boyfriends post pics and videos of their ex-girlfriends.

“GF” stands for “GirlFriend” and GF Revenge is all about jilted boyfriends getting back at their ex-lovers by posting private pics & videos on the interent.

Girlfriend Revenge is where boyfriends get even!